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beanfeast n : an annual dinner party given by an employer for the employees

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  1. In the context of "mostly|UK": A dinner party given to the employees of a firm.
  2. In the context of "mostly|UK": Any similar social occasion.

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In Britain, Beanfeast is a vegetarian processed food made from soya. It is sold in dried form, in packets, to be mixed with water and boiled. The cooked product resembles mince.
It is marketed in three varieties - Savoury Mince, Bolognese Style and Mexican Chilli.

Genetic Modification

In 1999 Beanfeast was the focus of protests against its manufacturer, Unilever, when it was found to contain genetically modified (GM) soya. The sales of the product dropped by 50%. After a meeting with Greenpeace in April 1999 , Unilever agreed to remove GM ingredients.

Other meanings

colloq: 1. A party or celebration. lets all go to a beanfeast 2. An annual dinner given by employers to their workers. 3. a feast of beans
Etymology: 19c in sense 2: beans were perhaps considered the staple dish for such occasions.
» CloudRaker Beanfeast in 2001, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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